13 November 2007

::Simplicity Awaits::

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo DaVinci

There’s something about the crisp cool air breezing around me..that persuades me to open the window and drift off…I realize now that I don’t get many Days to SLOW DOWN and stand beside myself…nowhere to go…to just be..i miss being able to sit outside on the front porch alone as the wind blows and birds chirp..Smelling the flowers in the air…watching people walk by..wondering what they may be up to…no distractions or demands from my fast paced life…I work so much…and have grown to fear being at home alone, for the fact that we live in a TERRIBLE part of town..and I’ve quite frankly already had a few scares there…Don’t want to have to go through that again..jeremy and I have it pretty balanced so he works half the time during the day enabling me to sleep next to him at night, but still gains his extra money for working nights the other part of the week..During those times, I go elsewhere to find comfort…okay that sounded terrible…jeez…I go to my aunts in other words and crash on her couch..i don’t mind being there, I just miss my space…my time at home…my art “oasis”..i get tired or carrying all my stuff wherever I go b/c I’ve got that itch…I can’t wait to move…and not only because we will begin our journey, but b/c maybe will be in a safer place…A place I still want to call home…a place I can do all of those things mentioned above…I miss when Sara was here, b/c she’d always come stay the night with me keeping me cozy in my bed…watch some movies…share insights…the whole nine…I miss her…And no I’m not sad..by any means of the word…Actually, I really couldn’t be happier otherwise…you just have to make due when you can't have things exactly how you want them:)….I just miss the simplicity of things sometimes…

On another note...Bubba's coming to town!!!! We LOVE Bubba..He's one of the greatest, most genuine friends you could ask for...We have lot's o' fun in store when he gets here. Plan on going to the camp for 2 nights..on the bayou..(my love) which means We'll be surrounded by nature, bare necessities, FOUR WHEELER, exploring, deep thoughts, campfire, and the METEOR SHOWER!!! The first time around that jeremy and I dated, the first "date" he took me on was to the camp to watch the meteor shower..The sky was dark, the stars shown brighter than you could possibly imagine..And you became hypnotized to all that you saw...the stars kept falling...it was simply amazing..
We also have plans to see TOOL in New Orleans-rock out!! This will be ...say...time number 4 or 5 that i've seen them...From there we still have a few days, with no set plans, but were talking about going to the bike trails..We have an amazing bike trail here in Baton Rouge...lots of hills and curves...a river flowing by it at one point...FREAKIN SWEET!!!!

And i can't stop thinking about the fact that Tori Amos will be as close as Houston, and I can't afford to go...She puts on the most breathtaking performance that you feel all the way down to your toes....I WANT TO GO!!!!!!! maybe a miracle will happen....i think i might die:)


Zoe said...

hmm. we used to live in a neighborhood like that. my oldest was a toddler and alot of nights we would sleep togethor on the bathroom floor...away from windows and gunshots.

Holly said...

Oh, girl. I can relate. I hate where we live now. When we bought our house last year, we thought the community was nice, quite, a little out in the country. WRONG! We obviously didn't know the area at all. Stupid military. Had I actually had TIME to look for a house when they moved us to NC, I would have known better. I've got a list a mile long of scary things that have happened since we moved there. And, it's country...totally po-dunk. Some teenagers behind our house were shooting off guns...shot guns, hand guns, whatever. FOR FUN! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY! I have 2 kids running around. Get the f* out of my neighborhood!. So, I call the cops. They come out. They tell me they "can't do anything" because the kids were just shooting into the ground. Wha? Total twilight zone. I hate it there. So, since my husband has been deployed, I find ANY excuse in the book to travel and visit friends and family. Hope you get to move soon, and have fun with your friend. Oh, and best wishes on getting to see Tori. I've been to see her about 6 times now. Beautiful performances!

brittany said...

yea, i live in a not-so-great area too. it's pretty much all i can afford right now since I am in school. at least it's good that you have other places to go when you get scared. ;o) hoping your next home will be all that you dreamed of and more!