18 January 2008


i GOT MY jEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooo excited!

15 January 2008

Jeeps make me crazy

Son of a B-
I missed a call from the jeep dealer today. He said he had 3 more monthly quotes to see if they'll meet my budget...I'm going crazy! I want it soooooo bad....and i can't talk to him til the morning! jeez.
Ps-this ones SIMILAR to the one i want...I want the soft top 2 door..basic...basicly wonderful..

02 January 2008

A New year

A new year to bestow new things..
a fresh page for a new journey..
to reflect on the past twelve months..
All that I'd hoped for but didn't reach out for quite the way i should've..
All that I experienced but wouldn't trade for the world..
What have i learned?
A new year to make resolutions & try to keep them..
All I anticipate for a new beginning..
to make changes where necessary..

This year is the perfect year to:
to quit smoking
make more life art
to connect deeper with friends and loved ones
to focus on the important things and shrug off the rest
to get a new car!!!!
to be a better person
to gain new experiences
to write daily
to travel!!!!

As i conjure up more i will add them..to remind me..of my goals..
I can't even begin to express my excitement for 2008..
i feel like i've really grown so much in 2007...it feels soo good.

i'll post some art soon..i'm almost finished with a project. i just don't get the craft time i feel i deserve...(that's why it's one of my resolutions ;)