24 October 2009

this is true

you may never come here,may never read this, but i miss you...
this is true...

the story of my life....

a page not yet finished:

there's more of where this came from..

18 October 2009

beauty in threes

I just wanted to share this...

I was over at http://www.beckynovacekphotography.com/ and found this picture which absolutely brought over an immense amount of feeling..close to tears, happiness, thoughts..the whole nine yards...
I know alot of people may look at that photograph..and be like.."its a photograph.."but not for me....this really made me feel something...something every photograph should possess..

i thought about my wedding, and how i would've given anything for my grandmother to have beenthere...My grandmother to have stood by my mother and my side...wow...if only she could see how far I've come...

Anyway...Becky Novacek is an amazing photographer...She manages to stop time in each glimpse...I'm so glad to have found her.


oh hambly...thank you for coming in the mail....

you really made my day...

03 October 2009

a "right now" list

*trying to find my groove in school
*embracing the beginning of FALL! (esp. in Florida..this is huge!)
*having a passionate love for handmade soap (thank you kettle morraine soap company in New Orleans & Pacifica)
*Just ordered some of the new hambly line..MMmm Mmmm gooooood
*trying to decide what to get two very important women in my life for their birthday
*making more 12 x 12's
* trying to create a volleyball team/club for my school (will it happen? who knows..)
*learning more about "green living" at school-and continuing my passion for incorporating it into my everyday life
*obsessively reading food labels at the grocery store
*learning to love whole heartedly, and let go of things that hold no merit
* have the urge to move to Austin, TX
* embracing change

02 October 2009

01 October 2009

oh yes.

my night will consist of: