03 October 2009

a "right now" list

*trying to find my groove in school
*embracing the beginning of FALL! (esp. in Florida..this is huge!)
*having a passionate love for handmade soap (thank you kettle morraine soap company in New Orleans & Pacifica)
*Just ordered some of the new hambly line..MMmm Mmmm gooooood
*trying to decide what to get two very important women in my life for their birthday
*making more 12 x 12's
* trying to create a volleyball team/club for my school (will it happen? who knows..)
*learning more about "green living" at school-and continuing my passion for incorporating it into my everyday life
*obsessively reading food labels at the grocery store
*learning to love whole heartedly, and let go of things that hold no merit
* have the urge to move to Austin, TX
* embracing change

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