30 August 2008

and so it goes

So i haven't been around in a while...lots going on lots to talk about ....not enough time...not working , then working...lots of catching up since ive been back in town...lots of art i have yet to upload...got started on my christmas cards...made memorable 12x12's..reflected a bunch..i will eventually post about it..i havent felt inspired to write..its definately a flaw ive come across lately...

the point of this post..is the hurricane is coming..im in Louisiana..and there is massive crowds at every store preparing for the worst...i sure hope it isnt as bad as it seems..whats worse than that(well to me...) is that my boyfriend(the nurse) has to go in to work, 2 nights early...and they lock them in until the hurricane is over..im going to be alone...and that makes me sad...i love bad weather, i just dont want to see things to get pulverized..innocent people experienceing devestation..it breaks my heart..hopefully it all goes well...if anyone reads this...wish me luck...

09 July 2008


If there were ever a such thing as an audience....I WILL BE back soon....Jeremy & i have arrived back home in Baton Rouge, LA and have been doing alot of catching up with alot of friends/family...with limited internet access.. i have a few art projects to share as well as experiences...I can say..it's been nothing but pleasure...until next time..

05 June 2008

Ode To Tiff

I did a page on her a while ago...but the thought of her crosses my mind frequently. In having an emotional time with leaving home for such a big journey, she is THE main thing i miss about home...She is always so supportive...and understanding...And she always knows how to make a girl laugh...her deepest laughter..to the point of tears..The best damn laughter around..I'd give so much to have her around me for just one day....one WHOLE day...i can appreciate a good phone conversation moreso now than ever before...we can stay on the phone forever and not run out of things to talk about..and did i mention she sends me the coolest mail?!Yeah...i've got THE greatest best friend on this whole f-ing planet...Just thought the world should know.

29 May 2008

Weekend Bliss

And so it began...I got my hands on this fabulously dark reddish brown hair dye, that i couldn't live without..HArd to see in the pic..but i assure you-it's pretty yummy.. Needing some inspiration...something to spice up the mojo..i took a drive..through the hills, and came up with this:
Shortly thereafter, we ended up in Philadelphia for a little fun in the sun.. enjoying the fountain barefoot...cool cool water...needed that..
Across the street was the science museum..WHere i took this picture...or rather, coerced Jeremy to..I had to coach him through it..he's not much on photography...
I got to learn to make paper...LOVED every second of it..Really inspired me...might go buy a kit...
After all that science museum goodness-we walked around to find a DELICIOUS sushi "cafe" in downtown. I scored this pic of J..which i had to try twice for..
Check out the presentation of the salad...It tasted as good as it looked...I assure you...

Some random downtown goodness...We had a few drinks at a bar on this street...After a few drinks or so..and some tired feet, we decided upon some ice-cream...I've never seen sooooooo many flavors in my life...SERIOUSLY..annddddd they were open til 11:00pm??!!
In reading the sign above, Jeremy sure did leave a happy customer...(i made him make the cheesy face with the thumbsup, b/c it made me smile real big..) Maybe i should've had him take the picture of me. ;)
I got caught up in the moment for this one.. i really dig all the street signs, etc. clustered together like that.
Randomly moving past the city...(I'm out of photos)I'll get into some fabulous things..

These are THE shoes i found at PAYLESS...i can't even remember the last time i found a good pair of shoes there...LOVE them...they're pretty dreamy...
And here is an accordian ATC i made out of the kit i got from Studio Calico..Surely need to get movin on using some more of that goodness...
And lastly, for good times sake, here is a "mini book" i put together of all things good coming from ol' Tiffo...The ever so fabulous...art driven...soulmate of a best friend of mine....Steals my heart....Well....I got lots o' art to do...Father's day is gonna kick my ass if i don't get to steppin...XoXoXo

20 May 2008

Any famous last words?!

This weekend we drove up to Philly for the Italian Festival. That, all in itself was one of the coolest events I've ever been to. Imagine walking through the streets of Italy filled with the stoutest cheeses, homemade bread, some rather eccentric meals, roasted pig sitting atop a counter, Some of the best artists and italian vendors from all over, as well as music that will move your soul. That about sums it up. That same afternoon, we wound up walking the streets of Philly to attend a party, to which our newfound friends famous words for the day were...oh-you can walk there. We just gotta get to the 600 block.. Well to walk there, would require more of the alcohol (that we didn't bring), a GOOD half hour or so, and a perfectly good pair of feet...That hadn't been walking all day.. It was a hell of a journey. I'd say we walked almost 2 miles.

The houses around here are so eccentric..Very narrow and tall. Loud to calming colors. Some covered in Ivy, with some of the prettiest iron doors. But my favorite part was all of the window boxes full of fresh flowers..MMmmmm

Here's our new found philly friend, Mary..And lastly, a picture of the house structure...
Now onto some random things i'd like to make note of..

I made this card for jeremy's mom, for mother's day..)
A few exerpts from my mom's mini book..And Jeremy bought me this. LOVE***

Also, while I'm rambling...Jeremy's contract will be up June 16th, and we will be traveling to the next city. We are still waiting to find out where that might be. For the record, i'm postponing school as I do not have the money and FAFSA says i made too much money last year..Because of said information, we will temporarily be persuing other things. I will have to figure out another way to com eup with the money...::insert huge sigh here:: We will simply enjoy the moments we have out in the world..

15 May 2008


OMG...i really really LOVE this...and wish for it to be mine.. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=11762245


I AM SOOOOO LUCKY-AND EXCITED!!1 I JUST WON THE MAY KIT OVER AT LIFELOVEPAPER !!! This is sucha big deal! I have drooled over their kits for quite some time now..What a way to brighten my day!!! Here's the kit site:STUDIO CALICO Definately worth checking out! THANKS AGAIN! Those ladies rock it..and not just because i won..

05 May 2008

JAzz and Wine makes everything fine

Went to the Wine and Jazz fest at the Longwood Gardens on Saturday...Scroll through a few posts ago to see my love for that place..Serious business..Anyway..the mood really made me feel like home...The jazz was captivatiing..Moved me deeply..Here are a few pics of the day..

The grass+cute shoes+new tattoo=fabulousOne of the wine booths...I called it the hippie tent
My love, enjoying the jazz..

This is my fabulous boss(after the wine festival-hence the look on her face ;)-the only friend I have here..and the only time we've hung out. She really reminds me of Tiff. i miss her....

This is the cigar being passed around...YUCK
On our way out...One last pic for the day. I had a good weekend...accompanied with some great wine, people, and music..

02 May 2008

My beautiful piece of work

Here's the newest addition to the collection, and i LOVE it. It makes me smile real big.

01 May 2008

Creative Somethings

I am in no mood for chit chat...Just used up all I had in me..including 80 freakin bucks for FAFSA...Just wanted to puyt something out there that'd make me smile...