05 May 2008

JAzz and Wine makes everything fine

Went to the Wine and Jazz fest at the Longwood Gardens on Saturday...Scroll through a few posts ago to see my love for that place..Serious business..Anyway..the mood really made me feel like home...The jazz was captivatiing..Moved me deeply..Here are a few pics of the day..

The grass+cute shoes+new tattoo=fabulousOne of the wine booths...I called it the hippie tent
My love, enjoying the jazz..

This is my fabulous boss(after the wine festival-hence the look on her face ;)-the only friend I have here..and the only time we've hung out. She really reminds me of Tiff. i miss her....

This is the cigar being passed around...YUCK
On our way out...One last pic for the day. I had a good weekend...accompanied with some great wine, people, and music..


Tiff said...

your hair is getting so, so loong. i looove the spikes/ends of it. very pixie.
that finale...the tree. wow.
ps. cute feet.
pss. i dont know if he left a message, but i got ben to come by so he could see all the lovely places and things. he misses you, too. you are contagious. i think i am a good speller, and then i type something like that out and think, COnatAGIOUS?

***Welcome said...

it makes me weep to think i've been away for so long(or so it feels)..but its for LOVE...and im glad ben misses me too-that means something..i LOVE LOVE LVOE you...its good to hear you can tell my hair is getting long...i CANT tell-but i havent cut it...but it looks realy boring to me...not good.