20 May 2008

Any famous last words?!

This weekend we drove up to Philly for the Italian Festival. That, all in itself was one of the coolest events I've ever been to. Imagine walking through the streets of Italy filled with the stoutest cheeses, homemade bread, some rather eccentric meals, roasted pig sitting atop a counter, Some of the best artists and italian vendors from all over, as well as music that will move your soul. That about sums it up. That same afternoon, we wound up walking the streets of Philly to attend a party, to which our newfound friends famous words for the day were...oh-you can walk there. We just gotta get to the 600 block.. Well to walk there, would require more of the alcohol (that we didn't bring), a GOOD half hour or so, and a perfectly good pair of feet...That hadn't been walking all day.. It was a hell of a journey. I'd say we walked almost 2 miles.

The houses around here are so eccentric..Very narrow and tall. Loud to calming colors. Some covered in Ivy, with some of the prettiest iron doors. But my favorite part was all of the window boxes full of fresh flowers..MMmmmm

Here's our new found philly friend, Mary..And lastly, a picture of the house structure...
Now onto some random things i'd like to make note of..

I made this card for jeremy's mom, for mother's day..)
A few exerpts from my mom's mini book..And Jeremy bought me this. LOVE***

Also, while I'm rambling...Jeremy's contract will be up June 16th, and we will be traveling to the next city. We are still waiting to find out where that might be. For the record, i'm postponing school as I do not have the money and FAFSA says i made too much money last year..Because of said information, we will temporarily be persuing other things. I will have to figure out another way to com eup with the money...::insert huge sigh here:: We will simply enjoy the moments we have out in the world..

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***tiffany said...

love all the close ups!!!!
glad youre having fun,
way to get a shot of mary.