27 February 2008

In all of the Chaos...

In all of the chaos..i totally forgot to mention the fact that i am on day 6 of quitting smoking..That's right..i'm on the patch...i'm surprisingly doing WAY better than i though i would...so far, that is...When someone gets under my skin..it makes it harder... however, in general all is well....WISH ME LUCK..i may need it.

Where does the time go??

Wow....So last night jeremy and i sat up and talked for hours about our trip..See he's doing travel nursing and i'm going to be accompanying him. All of this means that we will have to move, downsize our things, temporarily say goodbye to friends, etc. The catch to this is....well i put my two week notice in the other day, b/c when the recuriter calls him to say they have a job for him,we will have to leave rather quickly(not leaving me time to put in a two week notice at a later date.) Well all of that being said, he is having one hell of a time finding a place for us to go..Everyone keeps saying it would be easier if he had closer to two years experience. that can be true in alot of cases, but he knows alot of nursing friends who had the opportunity to go merely 12 months into it...So why is it different for him. So now we are both questioning what the next step should be. We could very well move to another state and easily find a job that way instead of going through a recruiter...but we won't have the perks like we would've had working alongaide the recruiter...Oh and did i mention we have to either move out of our apartment THIS weekend(as in 2 days from now) and haven't even touched the first box...or we could stay another 15 days (hopefully-if we choose this is an option)but pay another 300 bucks...which we can't afford to do if we both "quit" our jobs...whew!!! Wow...It's not TERRIBLY stressful..it's more along the lines of interesting..i just wish i knew what was going to happen...
Well I have been creating some pages. I hope those won't be the last I'm able to do with all of this madness going on...

I did break down and buy a new traveling scrapbook bag. Its the crop in style XXl. It looks HUGE, and I think it's the biggest one they make.

I hope it's as wonderful as it seems...I can't wait to get it so i can make the decisions on what all i will also need to get my shit together..
Well unfortunately i have to end this at that...I should be working right now...or lack there of...I can't wait to switch to a different profession...It will be a nice change for me...

19 February 2008

my word

My word for 2008 will be GROW..To grow as a person..to discover new things..

Enough said..Will post art later. xoxo

01 February 2008


UGH...Why do people get soooooo heated when someone frustrates them??!! Geez....So the story is my brother is in town for 2 weeks. Everyone wants to spend time with him b/c he's only here for a short amount of time, and only gets the opportunity to come down say..once a year. Well my sister, who has a 1 yr old, has last minute decided she'd come in town..Fabulous! But the catch is, she feels my brother doesn't want to see his nephew (b/c he hasn't met him yet, and stated she'd be very upset if my brother didn't make plans to visit. Before my brother came down(or knew our sister was coming) he made arrangements to spend the weekend in new orleans with some friends( hard opportunity to find). So i relay the message from my sister(dumb move..should've let her call herself) and my brother loses it...He's now pissed and says his vacation is being ruined b/c people are trying to get him to change his plans..Mind you, he's extremly HEATED, and I am listening to this. OF COURSE i don't mind listening, but not when you become heated, especially when it's unnecessary.. I just feel like it could've been one of those things, where you pick up the phone and call the other person..tell them how you feel..WITHOUT becoming heated....
communicate..On another note-i can relate to the fact that everyone wants to get some quality time..these people haven't seen him in a while...And if i recall correctly..a year or two ago, he was upset b/c no one seemed to care he was in town..There weren't a whole lot of people to hang out with. There's a few ways to look at this. I don't know....I just hate seeing people let such things drive them insane...I know I have no control over it, but it SUCKS.

On a wonderful note...It's FRIDAY! And tomorrow is the Spanish town parade. Good times.. then hopefully Sunday we'll be going down to New Orleans for the Bacchus parade. Mardi Gras is just one good reason to love the south..I freakin love it! ..Hell..I love all holidays...(well most)
This is the delicous donut king cake my boss brought to me..

And to change the subject all together...Here's the mini book I made for J for Valentine's day..Good stuff.