01 February 2008


UGH...Why do people get soooooo heated when someone frustrates them??!! Geez....So the story is my brother is in town for 2 weeks. Everyone wants to spend time with him b/c he's only here for a short amount of time, and only gets the opportunity to come down say..once a year. Well my sister, who has a 1 yr old, has last minute decided she'd come in town..Fabulous! But the catch is, she feels my brother doesn't want to see his nephew (b/c he hasn't met him yet, and stated she'd be very upset if my brother didn't make plans to visit. Before my brother came down(or knew our sister was coming) he made arrangements to spend the weekend in new orleans with some friends( hard opportunity to find). So i relay the message from my sister(dumb move..should've let her call herself) and my brother loses it...He's now pissed and says his vacation is being ruined b/c people are trying to get him to change his plans..Mind you, he's extremly HEATED, and I am listening to this. OF COURSE i don't mind listening, but not when you become heated, especially when it's unnecessary.. I just feel like it could've been one of those things, where you pick up the phone and call the other person..tell them how you feel..WITHOUT becoming heated....
communicate..On another note-i can relate to the fact that everyone wants to get some quality time..these people haven't seen him in a while...And if i recall correctly..a year or two ago, he was upset b/c no one seemed to care he was in town..There weren't a whole lot of people to hang out with. There's a few ways to look at this. I don't know....I just hate seeing people let such things drive them insane...I know I have no control over it, but it SUCKS.

On a wonderful note...It's FRIDAY! And tomorrow is the Spanish town parade. Good times.. then hopefully Sunday we'll be going down to New Orleans for the Bacchus parade. Mardi Gras is just one good reason to love the south..I freakin love it! ..Hell..I love all holidays...(well most)
This is the delicous donut king cake my boss brought to me..

And to change the subject all together...Here's the mini book I made for J for Valentine's day..Good stuff.



Zoe said...

wow i love that journal! isn't family drama the best? no wonder people drink. have fun at mardi gras...don't get too many beads!

Kara said...

love the album!

Kara said...

thanks for the links! Totally helpful. I'm so excited.