26 November 2007

No words could match this..

A few feelings from the weekend before last..
No words could match the feeling i get everytime i look up at the stars...on a clear night(i must emphasize that..)Out in the wilderness, hearing only natural life surrounding us. The meteor shower, 'the leonids" was last weekend. We began to see a trace of them in the sky..I only counted three the whole time, unfortunately..beautiful none the less...If I'm not mistaken, the leonids path makes its was around the sun. As we orbit the sun, we pass it once a year, Nov. 17th. it's the most amazing thing to be able to look up & experience such a thing. Hundreds of stars falling by the hour..No beauty could match this...

Here are a few pics from the weekend...good times..
this is the fire that we strategically built..It's not as hard as it looks ;)
And i love the night portrait setting on the camera...let's you make frequent errors that come out interesting. For the record, i was looking up at the stars..
Bubba's camera pretty much kicks ass. I finally found the macro button to be able to take these amazing pictures of this butterfly that kept "flirting" with us..Seriously...he stuck around for AT LEAST 10 minutes. it was pretty sweet.

And here's my little bow hunter-Jeremy. I helped them make the bullseye below (keep in mind we're at "the camp" and resources are limited). We used some spray paint, a foam bedding folded in half, and different circles (styrofoam plate, top to a paint bucket, etc.)

And this is the ever-amazing bayou...Of course i had to play with the editing features..(made this one negative)
And here is a picture of some flowers that i took on my four wheeler ride on the trails.

And i know i haven't posted any artsy pics...I will i will...it's been a crazy one over on my side of the world..Between being an emotional woman..procrastinator..always on the go..type of girl...I'm not balancing my time very efficiently...EEK

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Zoe said...

sounds amazing. is there something wrong with being emotional and procrastinating? if so i am in trouble!