28 November 2007

A refound "life artist"

Been reading the Ali E. life artist book....nothing but inspiration pours through it.. "It is OK," has been a learning tool for me...as well as being a "life artist" not just a "scrapbooker." Nice new refreshing title. Thanks Ali.

I don't have alot to say today...for so much is going on, but i do have a few projects i've done, so now it's time to share...
This first project was n 18 x 18 piece of scrap wood that i painted quite a few layers of paint, then wet and wiped with paper towel to create a distressed look. I love the outcome..Then i square punched a bunch of my fav. christmas scrap paper to create a mosaic collage. I wound up giving this to Jeremy's mom, to put her in the christmas spirit...it freakin worked!!! The next day she took down all of her christmas decorations to get ready for the holiday. I love the holidays, and all of the festivities that come with it..

This is a hambly inspired christmas card for jeremy. I have gotta get some of those felt flowers!!! I borrowed those from Tiff(thanks tiff)..

This blog is bland...I do apologize...for when i feel inspired to write more-I WILL....not much feeling it today...Hope everyone has a wonderful good day:)


Amy said...

i was reading zoe's blog and got your link from you comment. i am inspired by your christmas cards and wood craft. i love this season. thanks for sharing. =)

Zoe said...

man you are a crafty momma. i have the ali book on my reading list i think i will hop to it.