24 April 2009

i love Random...

Whew! Ok...well I finally got around to uploading some photos..Ok ALOT of photos...Lot's of eye candy goin on....

So this is a work in progress.....Been finding some pretty cool frames to add to my already large collection...Why does this obsession continue???I love i must admit...

Here are a few frames I've recently bought at thrift stores...My personal fav is the one in the bottom row thats a light grn...(go figure)
I found this dress today, at plato's...Had to get it...Too bad i can't remake this dress in white (with crm lace) and make it long....B/c it is HOT...Seriously...

And here are two wonderful necklaces I happenned upon...and absolutely couldn't live without...But then..if you look at most items you've never seen before..they were all things I couldn't live without...But hey-with the exception of a few-most came from thrift stores or garage sales...Including the second necklace below..

Just playing around with the mirror. new dress. Thrift store..::smiles::
Again-fabulous thrift store find....i'm outta control...Somebody stop me...
And a delicious mix of ribbons hanging from my cork board.
Lil ol me....
And the sunflowers i got for 2.69..thats right! Cheap huh?!
And my soon to grow, herbs.
And the b=plant rack/bookshelf...A garage sale/auction find for 1.00
jeremy HAD TO have this little wall hanging...I can see why..again-1.00
This wasnt on the el cheapo side...BUT i had to have it.....It looks great with the new bedroom furniture....I feel refeshed whenever i walk into our bedroom to actual NICE furniture...It feels good.
This little ol' lamb was 1.00 at that garage sale/ auction i went to..
The dresser...In photo form..
The new bed...in photo form.....And i finally got a photo op with Chloe! I love it...She loves it ;)
The dish set i found at Bed Bath and Beyond for 14.00...They look cooler in person...
Jeremy maxin and relaxin in the pool.
Some flowers i got from a local florist...(not the same without you, tiff)
Downtown Naples...BEAUTIFUL.
The beach....
Again, downtown Naples.
And that is all for now...I'm sure there will be more to follow very shortly...It feels good to be back on track.....Also, I go on Monday to talk to a financial advisor regarding the interior design school i've been checking into..i'm going to apply...And i will also do a little more homework on the LPN school as well, before i make a final decision....Lot's to do...Lot's of planning.....Hopefully everything will work out for me this time!!LOVE.

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***tiffany said...

i miss you.
i Loooove the way you did the frames. i mean, seriously.
you know i wanna barrow (haha bArrow like how i say it) the golden leaves necklace. hot hot.
i want your pool, i want that shelf, and i need some of everything you got going on.