02 July 2007

i Am A bAyoU GiRl ;)

So the poker run was awesome! Probably the best one i've been on. This is my 3rd year going. We didn't win our hand-but we did win 2 years ago so we can't be greedy! It's always worth the while either way! It's just so beautiful out there! We went from being in small bayous you coould hardly fit the boat, out in huge waters (lakes) that had more passageways to lead to other bayous. No map for this excursion, just a few signs here and there. We got lost a few times, but nothing major! Here are a few pics from our excursion!

this is what happens when you don't tend to your lines for so long.....
and THIS is my absolute favorite thing to do when we go to the camp........
these are the boys...Jeremy, Jesse, and Adam
and here I am .............(holding a baby alligator!!!)..............FREAKIN SWEET!

here is one of the wide open spaces we ended up (same place as where the boys are swimming)

and here are some cypress trees.....................

There were a couple hundred people at the ending camp, and a live band to go along with it(they sucked, but it was still fun to have them there) We wound up leaving for a while to get away from it all and enjoy our surroundings....good times....i surely stayed on that 4 wheeler for a while ;)

ON ANOTHER NOTE! MY FRIEND SARA HAD HER BABY!!! TODAY!! And it's her birthday! That rocks!!!

He is 7lbs 8oz and is 20.5 inches long

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