19 July 2007

***H-town Goodness

So i must say what an amazing weekend we had in Houston. We stayed in the middle of downtown at a pimp hotel called "The Magnolia." I'll post more pictures on that later. We had the coolest navigator ever-The Garmin ROCKS..told us exactly where to go, EXACTLY where to turn..and if you took a wrong turn it'd simply re-route you...i'd have to say the coolest thing about it was that it cut out SOOOO much time trying to find our way-leaving more time to just goof off...that shit is awesome...One day i'll have to purchase one. So our first long day there, we made the trip to Archivers.**badass!!! The scrapbookers dream..to say the least..and their stamp collection was out of this world! here is a peek at what i created that nite for HOURS using some of the product we bought...just sort of tested them out..good stuff..
Later that night we hit the downtown scene for some DELICIOUS mexican food and walked past a strip where the trolley would stroll-totally worth taking a snapshot of..

We stayed up for hours that nite...doing what we do best...We took pics from the roof of the hotel during sunset..I'll post those later..the view was breathtaking-overlooking all of downtown. Definately a trip i'd love to take again..

On another note, i finally got to go see Sara and Kaleb!! he's absolutely ADORABLE...He's so little..with big ol' feet...and he makes the cutest facial expressions..he's definately got a little personality on him!! You couldn't help but watch him in complete awe..

I'm already ready to go back for more...and i will-soon....very soon...Until next time...

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