05 July 2007

A day Late

Happy 4th of July! I had a great 4th-minus the fact i didn't get crafty-OR SEE my BFF..:( We'z some crazy girls when we get together..Anyhoo..It rained part of the day through the nite-which rocked b/c i heart rain..and the sky was pretty baddass..hence the pic..

my camera did a little justice to the red hue..(the sky was more electric purple..)
And here's jeremy..being-well, Jeremy... BUT my fav. part of july 4th is the fireworks and i didn't see that happenin... then...there was officially light at the end of the tunnel...


Good drinks, great friends(minus my BFF), beer pong, corn hole(it's a game)....i had a little toooo much to drink....and i'll probably do it all over again next year!(with the Best Friend i hope ::winks::)

Onto brighter news!!!! Tomorrow nite-is gonna be badass!! i can't even stand the excitement!!!We're driving down to Houston to enjoy the downtown scene, thrift store shops, and bestly-checkin out the new ARCHIVER's!!! We've got gettin' crafty on our minds amongst other things..Hell, we have the whole trip planned out-and it's gonna ROCK. I'll post pics when we get back..Until next time.. X's & O's

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***tiffany said...

you rock.
this rocks.
loooooooove you.