01 June 2009


I can't believe it's over. Last sunday Jeremy's brother Jesse brought our neice to Florida with him to visit with us through Memorial Day weekend. Tiffany, Sara and Kaleb also made it down for the week. It was the best week ever. I was going through withdrawals...Since we moved to Florida, I haven't made any friends, and have dearly missed the ones i left back home. We have had a blast this past week. Time has flown by and now they are gone :(

Below is a short recap...
Here are us girls, taking it easy after a loooong night of chatting it up, drinking-whatev.
Tiff and I took a trip around town to check out thrift stores (we have TONS of them..lucky for me) and a few scrapbook stores.

We took quite a few boat rides over the past week, ending up at Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel Island, and some other random spots. The picture below is Jesse, Ava, and Kaleb.
Drink of choice for the week: Vodka, cranberry & club soda. AKA: delicious

Sara and I...photo op..Love this pic..Love how you can see the beach in her eyes (well her sunglasses :)

Necklace/color goodness..

Tiff spotted a white bird of paradise at the resort we will be staying at after the wedding. WOW!

Ms. Sara watching little Kaleb and Tiff while catching some Vitamin D.

Kaleb...cutest kid ever...Loves sand..and oranges...doesn't care...tastes good together :)

Tiff and I..photo-op...Love this pic..reminds me of good times...

The famous flip flop sand photo...every vacation we take, this pic is a must...

Tiff wandered around my yard and collected some greenery, to create some beautiful works of art in the bottles i had lining my windowsill....YUMMY.

The love of my life-checking out the fallen tree-possibly looking for fish..

And the last day, Jeremy, Tiff and I went to another Misc. island that i don't know the name of...Where tiff and i found it necessary to create our version of a sandcastle/fort/community...Art can be found anywhere...

And on a shopping note....Found this yummy set of glitter at Michael's for 3.99. Later found a brad box to put them in.
Found these babies at JoAnne Crafts. The first two packs on the top of the stack are transparency overlays for photos..They have 12 in a set and only cost me 3.69!
I found this baby at a thrift store in immaculate condition (with the ownders manual!) for 7.00. I adore this!
Tiff made this arrangement for my bathroom.
New shirt i found at plato's closet..
Stamps i found at JoAnne Crafts. 1.00 a piece!

Note: I'm soooooooo glad you guys came to see me, and was truly sad when you left. I can hardly wait to see you again! It will be ON! good times....
Art-to be posted soon....

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