18 May 2009

Rockin It!

First i just want to say a big thank you to LeAnne and Joe! For turning my blog into eye candy! They worked really super hard, to satisfy my vision, and I appreciate that. Find them in my sidebar, should you need them!

Secondly, i got a fabulous email..from an awesome site that sends me an inspiring letter once a week.. It's called "the universe."

"My wish for you Welcome, is that you succeed beyond your wildest imagination. That you find love in places that astound you. And that you have friends that call you just because. I dream that you go barefoot more than you wear shoes. That you play as hard as you work. And that you laugh more than you cry. I want you to set the bar high, But not too high. To reach for the stars with your toes on the ground. And to never, ever stop dreaming. But most of all, welcome i wish for your happiness.

The Universe

Lovely. Quite Lovely.


Funky Finds said...

Hi Welcome...this is Joe's wife, Jessica. Just wanted to say that your blog looks great!!! Enjoy :)

Freckled Nest said...

Loving what Joe did with what we created! It's so fun to see it come together!!! Thanks again Welcome! And I love your bio pic!! Beauty!

*~* ash *~* said...

I love your new blog layout!!! Very awesome...

shaina said...

fantastic blog design! and i love that letter from the universe. thanks for sharing. :D i'm sure i'll be back to your blog many times again now.

Katherine said...

wow, this looks great!