09 June 2009

i love random

Listening to a little Blind Melon, watching the sun slowly set....Times like these sooothe my soul....I crave them..Outside, by the pool...good music...good drink...shish kabobs in my near future..A little bonding with the bff on skype soon to come...needed...anyway...like i said...i love random...I'm pretty sure i've used that title before...because it's oh so true...

We'll start with art...This is the album i was supposed to have completed by mother's day, but overloaded myself..It's for my aunt and uncle..I hope they like it..I have 2 more pages to complete, then it's off in the mail.

These candles were sent to me from a very special friend Jamey...She made me cry when i opened the box. So generous, and thoughtful. It touched my heart. I love packages...especially being so far from home...Hell....i love mail...minus the bills....and i keep receiving my rsvp's for the wedding...everytime i get one, i smile real big. It makes it feel so official. I'm reaching that "super excited phase"....every little detail, that works itself out....really does it for me...These candles will go GREAT on those reception tables, or any other place tiff thinks they neeeed to go :) Again-THANK YOU JAMEY...it reallly means ALOT. You can find Jamey at Lagniappe Candles: http://www.myspace.com/463370701 I may not have many fans...but the ones that check me out...should DEF check her out...She does a great job... I have liked every single one she's sent....She's quite lovely. And she works her BUTT off :)

Jeremy and I took a canoe trip. I had a blast. It really reminded me of the bayous back home....the quiet calming....Nature...life...Soothing....Mmmmmmm

This tree was quite beautiful. I am discovering so many new palnts, flowers, trees here...And it is fantastic...

We saw MANATEES!!!!!!!! There was a mom, dad(i'm assuming) and a baby! It was a fascinating experience.We were soooooo close to them and they didn't even mind....The first pic is of the baby resting on top of it's mother. It was the cutest thing ever.

This is the manatee in the water to give you a clue as to how HUGE they are!
And here is the momma sticking her nose out of the water.

And then comes my school. I went to pick up books the other day. Everytime i go into this building i am in awe...There are glass enclosed walls with beautiful settings.

And really that's all i've got....Gotta go put those shish kabobs together..Maybe swim afterward...and then skype! I LOVE skype...it makes me feel like im home....I love that feeling..


***tiffany said...

I thought you said a lot of candles, I had no idea you meant that many. !! I'll bet your house DOES smell delish.
Yeah, the manatee is weird looking. I think I would have been nervous, no kidding. Are they mean/aggressive?
Your school=pimp show room.

Tiff said...

LOVED the book. I drooled a little.

(don't tell anyone.)