31 March 2008

The Flower "Factory"

Ok...so here i am in "my" place...the place I have found and made my own..the coffee shop down the road from the house..It is very peaceful and cozy here. I like it.

And that is where it all happens..the magic of my thoughts. As I ramble...

So i had the most amazing weekend (this will be a reoccuring word)...or day...We went to the Longwood Gardens...PHENOMINAL...i can't even believe how amazing it's been...The best way to describe it is the flower "factory" Seriously...I am an avid LOVER of the flowers and this was my wet dream...I can no longer speak as you will have to see for yourself..

That's all i got for that..

But one piece of art...a canvas i did..titled "embrace"

Goodnight! I've got a glass of wine to drink...

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