21 March 2008

A new Beginning

So here we are..in home sweet home-Downingtown, PA. I would have to say it's like taking a trip back in time to the 80's..that's right, i said it! Everything 80's..Uit's kinda funny...Ok so im exaggerating a little...it's not that bad...I like it here.. Nice and hilly and natural...with friendly people...and a FABULOUS grocery store...I love to cook so we go together like peas and carrots!!I've been cooking my ass off...Ans now we have a membership at the YMCA right around the corner from our crib..There's even an indoor pool and hot tub-LOVE*** SO now i will reveal a few pics..But keep in mind the agency furnishes it for you, and i had to go out and buy pics for the walls...We'll call it makeshift...

So those were the ever so fabulous random pictures of each room, and the blue and yellow framed picture is one Jeremy actually picked out and insisted I buy..I love it...probably b/c he actually picked it out....(and Im the cook).
Below- are pics of my dining room/art nook...check it!

And for the record..I am a little homesick...And i'd love to spend some time with my friends..I am having GREAT time though...The town is "cute" and very hilly...WHich i like..
For missing someone-I've made them a card...will mail it soon...if you read this...hold onto your panties, for you will get it soon. xoxoxoxox

That's about all i have the attention span for...I've been sitting here at the coffee shop for about 3 hours now...Gotta find something else to to occupy my time..
Will write more later...

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***tiffany said...

yeah, you like, totallt didnt have to tell me you were homesick.
that was a little spell i out on you before you left.
love the apartment...how COOL is that mirror from 70s thing. i sure could use some time with you. coffee, tea, wine, jack. whatever.
miss you.