15 September 2009


Quick post before bed....I'm finally getting sleepy..It always happens so fast. One minute I'm wired, then suddenly it's all downhill from there...Anyway...my cat Chloe isn't too fond of the camera..but i was able to catch a few..here's one of my fav.'s..

This is a photo of my tilapia tostadas....MMmmmm Perhaps one of the best damn things I've ever eaten..seriously....thank you Cooking light...

This is the cover of my Auto Cad II notebook for school. I'm on break yet I'm still managing to do shit related to it..Hmmmm..Maybe that's a good thing?

These are the mini cards i made as a set to send to a soldier oversee's for them to send out to family..I decided recently that it was a good idea to get involved with "pen-paling" again..growing up i had over 50 people across the US i used to write to frequently..we used to swap stickers, and friend books, and all kinds of other stuff. It was awesome. I can thank my great-grandmother "mimi" for that. She and my grandmother played a large hand in my love for writing and thrift store shopping/garage saling...anyway..I more recently (well 5 or so years ago) kept in contact with a very close friend of my best friends husband who was overseas. I have a HUGE box full of letters he wrote. I think it's a wonderful thing to do.

SO like i said..this was going to be short but sleep. I mean-sweet...see im tired..HAH..night

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