24 April 2008

Indie is.......

8. What does indie mean to you?
"To me, it means independent, your vision, your efforts, your sweat. It's originality, commitment to handmade and well made, and it's especially an awesome 'movement' that I'm so thrilled to be a part of. Indie can be a group of people; I just mean its independent from corporation." -LA

i got this from a fabulous friend's blog: www.freckled nest.blogspot.com
She said it right on..and it's been a word that has always inspired me..So i wanted to write it down, and remember it..and appreciate it...and absorb it..


ck said...

Hi Helena...don't know you, but you left a comment on my blog and I've decided we are twins (despite the fact I'm a good few years older than you, lol)

Same taste in music, clothes, even occupation!

So thought I'd say "hi!"

waves wildly!

stop by again sometime!

Freckled Nest said...