08 September 2007

Do you Exist???

So i still find it weird to sit and type in front of a computer screen- to an audience I'm not sure exists..though it's still my natural instinct..

Just thought I'd throw that out there since i have somewhat of a hard time sharing with the rest of the world. It's been a hell of a ride these oast few months...the company I worked for was pretty SHADY resulting in one person firing me..thats right..i was FIRED...yet he told everyone i quit...go figure..i kept holding on for bigger and better things-only for that moment to never come..but to open my eyes for new experiences..-i did get promoted...for titles sake-but demoted for the sake of cutting costs...WTF????!! Searching for a new job-while i persue school once again-this time hoping i can finish as an LPN...Im truly excited for such a change..I hope things turn out the way i dream them to be...

Otherwise-I've had a hard time finding inspiration ti just sit and create art-its been a true struggle-especially since its my heart burning passion..I don't know what my problem is..maybe the stress?? Don't get me wrong..i sit and create..but not like the GROOVE i tend to get into..when im FEELING it...i want that again real soon...i CRAVE it..i know im good at what i do..i want it to seep through my pores..

I can say-i am VERY FORTUNATE to have such kickass friends/family...And the love of my life..He's there for me with nothing but positive reinforcement & a few swift kicks in the ass-HE ROCKS..Im truly lucky..

Up to date..For labor day weekend, we went tubing! Good times..pics are enclosed..see below!

And this is the absolute cutest potbelly pig I've ever met...love it!
And for the record-I will post some crafty pics soon...-cuz like i said- i haven't stopped-i just dont explode like i normally do...::pouts::

All is wonderful all is good-i may have a new job..ROCK OUT..and i've done soooo many math problems i could spew them in your lap....

until next time... ::cheers::

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***tiffany said...

Hey hey hey, we're the monkies.
We dont like monkin around.
And we're too busy singin...
how s the rest of that go??
who knows.just got the el labtop-o. totally loving this whole high tech stuff. i mean, you know know what i mean. loved getting the craft on with you the other night. there's pretty much nothing better. love. you.