04 May 2011

She's Baaackk....at least for now

Call me a slacker, but much has happened since the last time I blogged....been lost in the chaos that makes up my life. Good and bad times to be had. Mistakes made, lessons learned, fun had. I've spent alot of time thinking and pondering...and trying to live day to day...That's not always easy. I finally got a job. Not as many hours as I'd hoped but at least there's money coming in.

Been missing this face:
he's gotten so big in the past 6 months. They really do grow up fast....It's funny cause it's Tiff's baby, and i call him my nephew even though theres no real relation-yet it FEELS like he is.
And i miss this face:
I've been thinking alot about this little girl. Ava Rayne. I wonder how big she's gotten. I miss her laughter and her smile so much... :;sigh::

Been slacking in the craft department...made a few things:

havent really used many pictures....I am working on a 2011 book, which I've included photos in, but no stories...I guess i still just feel out of place and afraid to document these things....Tiff tells me no matter what I should document them, because good or bad, they'll be worth reading about later in life, bc i just may laugh about it all in the end. She's got a point. Now if only I can make myself do it.

Found this kickass idea on tumblr a while back:
Nail art that rocks. It actually came out just like the pic i found. Totally impressed.

And then there's the season..The season of crawfish...My lovelies....They're soooooo goooooood.
I think I've had crawfish 5 or 6 times. Like whoa...the most I've had in a season yet...And it's not close to over...Mmmm...

And lastly, found this beauty at a friends house and had to snap a picture. Wish it were in my back yard..

And while I'm on a roll, due to my lack of making as much shit as I'd like to, i'm thinking about joining in on this class:

Anyway...that's all I got for now...More to follow...


Drunken Editor said...
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Drunken Editor said...

Welcome back mysterious other artist out there.

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I enjoyed seeing your emotion here :3

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