04 July 2010


Yeah yeah...i was supposed to revamp this here blog...but this is as good as it gets for now...Not satisfied..more work to be done...let's see how that goes.
So even though I've been fighting the urge to write until this place was so fresh and so clean....intensely fullfilling my every desire to want to return here and pour my heart out on a more regular basis...but for now..this shall do...

LISTENING: Mutemath & Porcupine Tree (plus this refreshing new playlist I've created....which has consumed me)
EATING: chinese deliciousness
WEARING: skinny jeans & a forever 21 tank with a cozy sweater...
FEELING: restless..
WEATHER: rainy day..soothes me
WANTING: to figure out all of this shit that's got me twisted
NEEDING: to make some changes...
THINKING: about you..
ENJOYING: every little moment I can devour for all that it's worth
WONDERING: How i got here and where things will be in the next 6 months or so...


Tiff said...

love the new layout. makes me want to let this place i live in fall apart without a paint job for a long time and hang frames about. love love LOVE you.

manisan said...

nice blog